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Executive Team

Allan Virieux – Managing Director
Allan started Venarchie Contracting in 1989 after 12 years’ experience working for the Department of Main Roads as a roads supervisor. He recognised a gap in the market for operators offering high quality products and good customer service. Consistent growth and financial strength has been achieved by maintaining a reputation for quality work and strong relationships in the industry. Allan has been responsible for strategically transforming a small business to one turning over in excess of $20 million and a leader in the civil and bituminous surfacing industry in Tasmania.  Allan is responsible for the overall management of Venarchie including the procurement of specialist plant, labour and equipment necessary to meet and exceed client and/or contract requirements.

Tim Denney – Civil Manager
Tim has worked for Venarchie for a number of years and after a time of self-employment returned to Venarchie Contracting as Manager of Civil Construction and the St Helens Concrete Plant in 2014. Tim is the main contact for statewide Civil Construction works. Tim has over 25 years experience in the civil construction industry as both an employee and as a business owner. Tim has a strong background in earthworks and plant operations and has worked with private clients and all levels of Government on a variety of projects of varying sizes.

Andrew Virieux – Manager Asphalt & Sealing
Andrew is responsible for Project Management and Quality Assurance for asphalt production, asphalt placement and bitumen spray sealing. He ensures Venarchie’s asphalt plant and Venarchie Contracting sealing and asphalt placement crews consistently meet D.I.E.R. specification. Andrew acts as Project Manager and estimator on Local Government sealing and asphalt contracts and major Commercial projects. Andrew has an in-depth understanding of the Asphalt and Sealing industry and is continuously updating his knowledge with AAPA specific training to ensure Venarchie operates at the forefront of developing industry trends. Andrew has completed certificate IV in Workplace Assessment & Training, which has assisted him in his role of developing the skills and abilities of the team he manages. Andrew is highly skilled in project management and the organisation of work teams to ensure projects are completed successfully. Andrew has a proven track record of successfully managing large DIER reseal programs in conjunction with reseal programs for multiple local government areas.

Naomi Walsh FCA – Manager Corporate Services & Financial Controller
Naomi is a member of the Venarchie Executive and is responsible for all corporate and financial matters. Naomi is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountant and completed a Master in Business in 2013 focussing on contract and construction law, risk management and business strategy. She has over 20 years’ experience in public practice and private industry including consulting roles in Tasmania, Western Australia and the UK. Overseeing the office team, she ensures a high level of customer focus and a professional approach to all business requirements. Naomi’s strengths include the development of reporting models for boards and management highlighting financial and non-financial indicators for business improvement. She has a high level of IT literacy in software applications, hardware and systems. She has been selected for the Tasmanian Leaders Program 2014 (TLP8).

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Civil construction

Our civil construction teams have a diverse range of skills and experience that give us the confidence to undertake any project of significance. Our key team members have a broad range of experience and this compliments our employees whose backgrounds include roadworks, carpentry, pipe laying, and concreting. Venarchie targets skilled operators who consistently have a high level of workmanship. A majority of these operators are also experienced in working close to live services both overhead and underground and understand the need to locate and protect services.

Venarchie employs a team of qualified and experienced Civil Engineers, Our engineering team ensure that all projects are professionally managed and that Clients are provided with technical advice as necessary. The engineers provide technical and project management support to supervisors and foremen projects statewide.

Pavement – Asphalt & Bitumen Sealing & Decorative

Venarchie has a highly experienced, well-trained and capable workforce currently delivering bituminous surfacing contracts for Councils, DIER, commercial & private clients around Tasmania. Venarchie has always placed an emphasis on employing people with local knowledge, skill and experience, many of whom have been doing this work for many years and therefore have an intimate knowledge of Tasmania’s roads.  Venarchie has demonstrated that it can establish a productive relationship with its clients through its performance and delivery under various contracts. For Venarchie, its relationship with clients at all levels will be developed through open and honest communications to foster a non-adversarial approach between the parties. Venarchie will always be available to meet with client representatives to communicate and seek ways of improving service delivery.  As Venarchie has been operating in Tasmania for over twenty years, a strong sense of loyalty has developed among its personnel, as well as the formation of long standing relationships with its subcontractors and suppliers. Venarchie has clearly demonstrated it can manage its field teams and suppliers in a highly organised manner.   Venarchie has experience in a variety of bituminous surfacing applications including prime, primerseal, single seal, two coat seal, SAMI seal and dense graded asphalt using C170, C320 and polymer modified bitumens. All bituminous surfacing works are carried out in accordance with the relevant DIER specifications: R51 Sprayed Bituminous Surfacings and R55 Asphalt Placement.

Plant & Equipment Resource

Venarchie make careful decisions when acquiring new equipment and take pride in investing in good quality equipment to ensure projects can be completed efficiently and accurately. Our fleet of heavy equipment, road transport and light vehicles extends to over 200 items. Some of the key items in our fleet include:

· Graders including a 2008 CAT 140M grader with GPS
· Excavators (x11) ranging from 3.5Tn to 25Tn with rock breakers, rock-grabs, augers and a variety of other attachments.
· Rollers (x12) from 1.5Tn to 12Tn including Pad foots, twin drum and self-propelled
· Wheeled loaders (x3) including a DL300 Doosan
· Bobcat / skid steers
· Specialise Bitumen sealing equipment including Bitumen sprayers (x2)
· Asphalt Pavers and FLOCON’s
· Wirtgen profiler/ miller (one of only 3 within Tasmania).
· Trucks ranging from 40 Tn truck and trailers through to 6 Tn site trucks including 4 water trucks.

Recent additions, key to the large plant division include
· 3D GPS TOPCON system for improved accuracy in civil projects.
· Midland Road Widener for improved efficiency

Venarchie has a substantial range of small plant and equipment that compliments the machinery from compactor plates and generators through to demolition saws and welders.

Suppliers and Subcontractors

Aside from company resources, Venarchie have standing relationships with numerous Contractors and other businesses state-wide that specialise in a variety of complimentary work streams. 
Venarchie believe that a key component of effective project delivery is the procurement and management of specialist subcontractors that enhance and compliment the skills of the Venarchie team.


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