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Demonstrating Venarchie’s capabilities within the public domain, the following projects
have either been recently completed or are presently being undertaken, actively demonstrating
hat our teams can deliver to projects statewide across a broad range of skill sets.

Huon to Geeveston (DIER 2014)
Edge widening over 21 km, pipe extension with new head walls and water main diversion.

Arthur Highway Sugarloaf Road (DIER 2014)
Reshape of road on bend.

Port Sorell Main Road to Wesley Vale (DIER 2014)
Full reconstruct of Port Sorell road with Bus bays and drainage over a 7 km area involving cut and fills
operations in realignment works, 2 concrete retaining walls, wire rope edge protection.

Richmond Heavy By-pass (DIER 2013-14)
Complete formation of new road and drainage works through new alignment & relocation of services.

Esk Main Road, Avoca - Leona Road
The Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resources (DIER) awarded this Contract to Venarchie in November 2012 to undertake over 8km or roadworks along the Esk Main Road. Pavement widening, reclaiming and pavement overlays are the key work components. Venarchie also have to undertake a complete rail crossing replacement under an active rail/ road crossing, extend box culverts and work within a road reserve that has federally protected flora species in the shoulders. The road project is being constructed using the TOPCON GPS system resulting in highly accurate construction processes.

North West Reseal Contract 2012/2013
The asphalt/ sealing division of Venarchie will complete this Contract in a 3 month period (December – February) across Sites ranging from Queenstown through to Deloraine. The nature of this works has resulted in high profile Sites being completed at night works which has happened across 4 sites. The key to this Contract is the programming of this work which is adjusted daily to work in conjunction with the weather.

St Leonards Substation
Venarchie completed the civil works and domestic services package on the recently completed St Leonards Substation under Vos Construction. The project involved a complex interface with transformers and the control building, the demanding design/ construction requirements of a substation and staging of the site works with other key Contractors and large scale hardware. The result of Venarchie’s workmanship has resulted in Zinfra (the primary contractor of Tasmanian substation’s) continually engaging Venarchie to complete civil works on the Norwood and Invermay substations.

Bass Highway - Mersey Main Road, junction improvements
This DIER Contract was a major upgrade and realignment of an intersection on the Bass Highway at Latrobe. This intersection was completed with little disruption to one of the busiest freight routes in Tasmania and required complex staged traffic management to maintain separation of the travelling public form the Site in a simple yet safe manner 24 hours a day.

South Arm Secondary Road
DIER awarded this projects to Venarchie in December 2012 and it was completed in April 2013. The works included junction works and road widening between Lauderdale and Sandford. Venarchie have a permanent civil presence in the Hobart to complement the existing Venarchie business undertaking asphalt projects.

St Helens and East Coast
Venarchie have had a permanent base in St Helens for the past 5 years and purchased premises including yard, site office and workshop in 2011. Venarchie is proud to have assisted Break O’Day council with various flood repatriation projects over the last couple of years. A significant seawall was constructed for the council as part of these repair works to protect Binalong Bay Road. Venarchie have also undertaken upgrades to Binalong Bay Road itself and drainage works around Falmouth.

Commercial Car Parks
Venarchie have successfully completed a number of large commercial car parks in the past 2 years at sites of major shopping centres. Traffic and pedestrian management is critical on these sites to ensure the safety of employees, client representatives and the general public. These projects typically involve drainage works, base, asphalt and linemarking.

Lake Secondary Road, Breona
Another of the DIER Contracts undertaken in 2012, the Lake Secondary Road was a pavement reshaping and base course Contract undertaken on the central highlands. The Contract involved large volumes of safety barrier, innovative sealing options and dealing with unsuitable conditions both the weather and site conditions including run-off management, working within a World Heritage Area and rocky ground conditions.




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