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Venarchie undertake civil construction, pipe and pavement works for car parks, roundabouts, and subdivisions. With a skilled and experienced team of Engineers, Venarchie are able to provide quality solutions to complex or technical requirements.

Venarchie are committed to relationships with major Tasmanian and mainland companies through delivery of quality civil construction and Pavement surfacing solutions. In the past twenty years we have successfully completed projects for Vos Construction, Fairbrother, Andrew Walter Construction, VEC, Shaw Contracting, Hutchinson Builders and many others.

commercial subdivision in the making - road base, bitumen, asphalt and curb and gutter

Commercial car parks

Venarchie have extensive experience completing large shopping centre car parks. Venarchie are able to produce a long term quality finish and appropriate line markings. Venarchie offer the highest level of service to facilitate continued opening times and ongoing vehicle traffic and pedestrians in a manner that is safe for employees and the public.

Commercial projects, car parks, drive through Mc Donalds, Assets. Line marking


Venarchie have successfully completed many private and commercial subdivisions. These projects typically involve construction of internal access roads in housing developments including earthworks, pavement construction, stormwater drainage, kerb and channel, asphalt, sealing, construction of services (U/G power, sewer, water supply, Telstra), line marking and landscaping.



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